how to hang a traverse curtain rod

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How Do You Hang Curtains on the Traverse Rod?Prepare the Curtain. Most traverse curtains come with the pins already installed. …Attach the Curtains to the Master Carrier. Locate the master carriers on the traverse rod and start by reaching for the one on the far left side.Connect the Curtains to the Openings along the Traverse Rod. …Link the Pins and the Traverse Rod. …More items…

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  • What curtains to hang on traverse rods?

  • A common mistake homeowners make when buying curtains to hang on traverse rods is choosing sets that are too small. Pinch pleat curtains are the type of curtains that are meant to be used with traverse rods. The issue with pinch pleat curtains is that they don cover as much space as regular curtains.

  • What are traverse rods and how do you use them?

  • Double traverse rods are what you檒l need if you檙e looking to hang two sets of curtains. You can also use them to pair some curtains with a valance. Decorative traverse rods are also available. Decorative traverse rods are different because they themselves can work as stylish additions.

  • Where do the pins go on a traverse rod?

  • The two pins you didn connect to any of the openings must be linked to the rod itself. You檒l find the spots for those two remaining pins at the front and the side of the traverse rod. Since these pins attach to the rod and not the clips, the front of the curtains can look uneven.

  • How do you attach a drapery pin to a rod?

  • Insert the pins lower in the seam to facilitate covering the traverse rod when the curtain is closed. Measure down from the top of the rod to the eye of the traversing carrier and add the length of the drapery pin from the top of the hook to the bottom of the pin to the measurement.

    how to hang a traverse curtain rod

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