how to hang a curtain rod by yourself

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Drive the screws into the wall,and position the hanger. Flip to the opposite side to make the remaining marks and install the screws. Feed the curtain onto the rod,and then place it on the hook. Add a finial,and then tighten the set screw

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  • How do you hang a curtain rod with brackets?

  • Fit the rod onto the brackets and then use a carpenter’s level to make sure that the rod is even. It should be, as long as you measured for level when marking the locations for brackets. Put the curtains on. Remove the rod again and put the curtain on the rod. Hang the rod on the brackets.

  • How do you hang curtains without drilling into the wall?

  • Like stick-on curtain rods, Command hooks are another answer to hanging curtains without drilling into the wall. They even make some specifically for this purpose. All you need to do is hang a hook on either side of the window and pop a rod it, and you檙e done!

  • Can you put a curtain rod in a window?

  • You may want to keep part of the window covered even when the curtains are open, or you may prefer to completely expose the window to let as much light into the room as possible. If you can’t install a curtain rod in your wall, attaching it to the window frame or casing is a great option.

  • How do you hang drapes on a traverse rod?

  • Drapes are typically made from heavy material and are pleated, which requires a traverse rod. To hang, you must place drapery pins in the pleat, and then hang them on the rod. A cord allows you to pull the drapes open and closed. Panel curtains, eyelet curtains and tab top curtains are meant to hang from a plain round rod.

    how to hang a curtain rod by yourself

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