how to hang a curtain rod by yourself

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Here how to install them:Measure the space between your two walls. …Push the rod through your curtain if the curtain has eye-holes. …Unlock the curtain rod ends and get a friend to help you extend both sides of the rod against the walls. …If you’re using curtain rings or grommet curtains,go ahead and hang your curtains on them now. …

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  • How do you hang a curtain rod on a wall?

  • To hang curtains, start by determining your window’s height and marking the wall where you’d like the curtain rod brackets to be installed with a pencil. Make sure your measurements are level with each other, then drill holes into the marked spots, install the wall anchors, and screw in the brackets.

  • How to hang curtains with brackets?

  • Screw the brackets to the casing or the wall, then fit the rod onto the brackets and use your level again to make sure the rod is straight. Then, hang your curtains and enjoy!

  • Can You Make your own curtain rods at home?

  • Curtains are the perfect decor treatment to give your windows, but it would demand first for curtain rods to hold the curtains! You can also make your own beautiful curtain rods at home using old and recycled items! Here the recycled fence rail has been welded and then finished with custom matching finials to make a lovely curtain rod!

  • How to hang curtains without drilling holes?

  • Tension rods, stick-on curtains, you name it, are all creative ways to hang curtains without drilling holes into your walls. With all these ideas, you don have to compromise your modern decor style at the expense of curtain rods. Just make sure to get your facts right before opting for any of them.

    how to hang a curtain rod by yourself

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