how to get your cat to stop scratching curtains

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Invest in environmental punishers. Environmental punishers are effective tools that aren’t dependent upon your physical presence.Purchase a compressed-air cat repellent system. These systems are equipped with a motion sensor. …Place plastic sheeting at the base of your curtains. Pet retailers sell a type of plastic sheeting that delivers a mild static charge when the cat steps upon the …Trim your curtains with double-sided sticky tape. Cats are likely to find the texture unappealing. They may also find it difficult to penetrate with their claws.Booby-trap any surfaces your cat might be climbing toward. If your cat appears to be climbing the curtains in order to reach a table top,counter,or shelf,place …Replace your curtain hooks with lightweight thread. When your cat tries to climb,it will break the thread and pull down the curtains.

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  • How do I Stop my Cat from tearing up my curtains?

  • Your cat doesn like the feel of aluminum foil or double-sided tape, and these are both excellent ways to deter your cat from tearing up your curtains. You can apply aluminum foil to the bottom of the curtains to deter your cat from trying to climb from the floor up.

  • How do I Stop my Cat from scratching the walls?

  • 1 Installing a wall-mounted cat scratcher 2 Spray a citrus solution on the walls 3 Create climbing spots for your cat 4 Use a diffuser to reduce stress 5 Give your cats more attention and exercise

  • How can I Stop my Cat from scratching my blinds?

  • You can save your blinds by installing a perch or two that attaches to your window sill, and this is a relatively easy process. This way, you檒l be able to open your blinds during the day to expose the perch, and your cat will naturally gravitate to this area instead of scaling your curtains.

  • Why do cats damage curtains?

  • 淚f given unrestricted access to places with long curtains, most cats will end up damaging them just because it is fun and in their nature,?he said, adding, 渨e should provide them with opportunities to perform this behavior in a way that is acceptable to us.?/div>How to Teach Cats Not to Climb Curtains | PetMD

    how to get your cat to stop scratching curtains

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