how to get wrinkles out of black out curtains

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Boiling water

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  • How to get creases out of blackout curtains?

  • The simplest way to get creases or wrinkles out of blackout curtains is to iron the blackout curtains. You can also use a fabric steamer on the curtains to keep them straight.

  • How to remove wrinkles from curtains at home?

  • Follow the below steps to get your work done. Take your curtains and hang them in the bathroom. Turn on the hot shower to create steam in the bathroom. Close the tap and shut the door. Allow the curtains to hang in the bathroom for 2-3 hours. The steam helps to clear the wrinkles from the curtains.

  • Can You iron polyester blackout curtains?

  • If you want to get wrinkles out of blackout curtains, you can iron, steam, or dry out the curtains. But when it comes to polyester fabric, you might be confused about how you can get wrinkles out of polyester blackout curtains. But you can also iron polyester blackout curtains.

  • How to iron a curtain?

  • On top of the curtain place a thin bed sheet. Direct contact with the fabric of the curtain could burn it. The bed sheet helps to protect the fabric from excess heat. The iron must be at the lowest setting and concentrate on a small portion at a time. Once you have properly ironed out an area you can move to the next.

    how to get wrinkles out of black out curtains

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