how to get perfect pleats in curtains

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Make several small stitches in the top of the lining hem and a few more on the next fold,leaving just enough thread between the two folds to allow them to hang straight. Repeat across the width of the drapes,turn them right-side out and voila: you檝e got perfectlyfolded drape pleats for days. Pick Up Some Plastic Pleat Clips

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  • How do you give curtains pleats?

  • This is a super easy and doable way to give a curtain pleats and a beautiful finished look. Let Get Started! This is the simplest, easiest way to hang a curtain. I usually use seven clip rings per curtain panel. On the top hem on the back of the panel, I pinch the fabric and then clip. Yes, that it!

  • What is the most difficult part of pleating curtains?

  • The most difficult part is deciding on the spacing between each pinch pleat and measuring it all out, after that it’s a breeze! Basically, I started measuring out the pleated part and the space in between each pleat. You also need to include the ‘leading edge’ and the ‘return’. The leading edge is the flat part at the opening of the curtains.

  • Is this the trick behind Mrs Hinch’s perfect curtain pleats?

  • Mrs Hinch’s cleaning hacks have changed lives, and she has officially unveiled the trick behind her perfect curtain pleats. Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie Hinchliffe, is the source of cleaning hacks that have amassed her millions of Instagram followers ( @mrshinchhome) and her very own Hinch Army, and on Monday she revealed yet another.

  • How do you arrange pleated drapes on a window?

  • Open the drapes to either side of the window to arrange the pleats neatly in folds. Wrap three 3 or 4-inch wide ribbons around the drapes near the top, the middle and close to the bottom.

    how to get perfect pleats in curtains

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