how to get lace curtains white again

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  • How to whiten curtains?

  • How to Whiten Curtains 1 Remove yellowing caused by water deposits with Iron Out or Yellow Out. Both products are recommended for white laundry and will remove rust and iron deposits from fabric. 2 Remove stains from white fabric with Rit dye remover. … 3 Soak your curtains in hot water and lemon for a bleach alternative. … More items…

  • Can I leave my white curtains hanging for a long time?

  • Time takes a toll on your white curtains if you leave them hanging for a while. Everyday dust and dirt accumulates on any fabric, so eventually your drapes will need cleaning.

  • Why are my white curtains turning yellow?

  • It doesn’t take long for white draperies to take on a dingy or yellowish tint though ?especially when they’re hung in windows that get a great deal of direct sunlight or if anyone smokes in the home. Using bleach is the easiest way to restore white curtains to their former glory, assuming they’re made of durable fabric.

  • How to clean curtains that have tear or stain?

  • Because even one stain or tear can destroy the appearance of your curtains, erring on the side of caution is always the best strategy here. Look for a cleaning tag, which may be hidden along a seam on the back side of the curtains or reach out to the manufacturer for suggestions about care and cleaning.

    how to get lace curtains white again

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