how to get kittens to stop climbing curtains

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Considerapplying plastic caps to the cat’s claws. These attach with adhesive and typically last 4-6 weeks. Trimming your cat’s nails can help train them to stop climbing curtains.

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  • How to keep cats from climbing on curtains?

  • Providing cat trees, cat towers or cat shelves ensures climbing areas are safe and designed for cats. Hanging a natural rope on the cat tree may be an alternative climbing option for those kitties who enjoy the swaying motion of the curtains.

  • How do I Stop my Cat from tearing up my curtains?

  • Your cat doesn like the feel of aluminum foil or double-sided tape, and these are both excellent ways to deter your cat from tearing up your curtains. You can apply aluminum foil to the bottom of the curtains to deter your cat from trying to climb from the floor up.

  • How do I get my Cat to stop climbing on Me?

  • If you know of a common area that your cat often climbs, place lightweight plastic objects in that vicinity so that your cat will knock them over when they begin to climb. This will hopefully come crashing down a make a noise that will make your furry feline think twice about climbing there again.

  • Why do cats like Curtain Poles?

  • Therefore, long draping curtains can be the perfect object to help them satisfy the instinctive climbing urge. Once at the top, the curtain pole can be the perfect place to view all that is going on around them. Cats, and especially kittens, love to play and to explore. Just like children do!

    how to get kittens to stop climbing curtains

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