how to get kitten to stop climbing curtains

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Clip your cat’s nails regularly. Consider applying plastic caps to the cat’s claws. These attach with adhesive and typically last 4-6 weeks. Trimming your cat’s nails can help train them to stop climbing curtains.

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  • How to keep cats from climbing on curtains?

  • Providing cat trees, cat towers or cat shelves ensures climbing areas are safe and designed for cats. Hanging a natural rope on the cat tree may be an alternative climbing option for those kitties who enjoy the swaying motion of the curtains.

  • How do I Stop my Cat from tearing up my curtains?

  • Your cat doesn like the feel of aluminum foil or double-sided tape, and these are both excellent ways to deter your cat from tearing up your curtains. You can apply aluminum foil to the bottom of the curtains to deter your cat from trying to climb from the floor up.

  • Can a cat pull down a curtain?

  • Many adult cats are heavy enough to pull down the rod if they attempt to climb the attached curtains. Exercise care in using this solution, however, as you don’t want the rod to break decorative items (or harm your cat) on the way down. Use direct punishments as a last resort.

  • Should I Stop my kitten from climbing on Me?

  • Siracusa notes that suppressing a kitten natural behavior constitutes an unwarranted punishment that may potentially cause aggression in the growing cat. A better approach is to provide your young cat with appropriate climbing alternatives that are particularly appealing.

    how to get kitten to stop climbing curtains

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