how to get curtains to pleat

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A great tip for pleating curtains, is towash them if they’re washable, hang them up damp (using the clip on curtain rings) and hand pleat them. Tape paper strips around each pleated panel (like they do at the dry cleaners) and leave them up for about a week. Remove the strips and you have nice pleated panels.

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  • How do you even out pleats on curtains?

  • Even out the pleats once the curtain is secured. Some pleats may look larger or smaller than others. Even out the pleats by gently pulling the curtain along the string. Pull the curtain until all of the pleats along the heading tape are uniform in width and shape. Choose which row to fasten the hooks onto the heading tape.

  • Are pinch Pleat curtains easy to hang?

  • This article has been viewed 29,608 times. Because of their many pleats, pinch pleat curtains create a beautiful, full curtain panel that can add sophistication to any room. They’re fairly easy to hang, as long as you’re willing to measure when you insert the pin hooks into the back of the curtain.

  • How do you fold a curtain to make it look good?

  • Push the pleat either outward toward the front of the curtain (for a track or pole curtain) or inward (only for a pole curtain. Fold the area in half. Run your fingers along the fold at the top to make it more pronounced. Finish folding the rest of the spaces between pleats.

  • How do you make pleated drapes?

  • You can play with how pleated you want your drapes to look by having more or less loops in between each hook. For my drapes, I put one side of my hook in the first loop of the pleater tape, counted 5 loops, and then inserted the next side of the hook in the next loop. I left one loop free, and then repeated this pattern with more hooks.

    how to get curtains to pleat

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