how to fix messed up curtain bangs

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  • What to do with curtain Bangs?

  • After styling your curtain bangs, you can either leave the rest of your hair down or put it up especially on a hot day. Lovin?your fringe? Here are other ways to style and flaunt your bangs.

  • How do I Stop my bangs from drying out?

  • 淏lowing out your hair or using a brush to dry around the face can help blend mistakes. Using a good air-dry creme and manipulating damp hair how you want it to dry can encourage how you want your hair to lay.?Unhappy with your dried bangs? Try an of-the-moment clip or headband while you wait for your hair to grow back.

  • How do you hide bangs with long hair?

  • Take a comb and part your hair far, far, far to one side. Then just pin your bangs there and pull your longer hair over to hide them. If you can get your bangs to stay back with a part in the center, you can also try taking a cue from Sandra Bullock with a similar style parted in the middle, as seen here. 5. Wear a Headband

  • How to hide a foul Fringe with bangs?

  • Twisting your bangs in strands and pinning the ends to the sides or back of your head can hide a foul fringe beneath a classic style. Braid your bangs. Part your hair down the middle and take hair from one side to braid it with your bangs. Tie off the braided hair with an elastic and braid the other side in the same fashion.

    how to fix messed up curtain bangs

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