how to fix curtain rail

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How do I fix my curtain rail to plasterboard?Put 1 rawl plug onto the tip of a screw and push it as far as you can get it into the hole. Remove screw,then put a plasterboard plug into the hole and then fix using the screw. The screw should go far enough into the wall to hold.

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  • How to fit metal curtain track in wall?

  • Normally pipes and cables run vertically down the wall to their outlet point. Drill the holes where you have marked the wall using a masonry drill bit. Push the rawl plugs into the holes until they are flush with the wall and then screw the brackets into position. How To Fit Metal Curtain Track in Easy Steps Back to top

  • How do you remove cording from a curtain rail?

  • Put a double knot in the end of the cording. Pull the slack out of the cording by pulling on it from the left side of the curtain rail. Run the free end of the cording between the two pulleys on the left side of the curtain rail. Use the hook or clip to pull the cording out the other side.

  • What is the difference between curtain rail and Curtain Pole?

  • A curtain rail or track only allows you to clip your curtain to the track itself but with a pole you can do so much more.

  • How do you fix a broken curtain rod pulley?

  • How to Fix a Curtain’s Pulley System. First, measure the entire length of the curtain rod across the top of the window, then the distance from the rod to the floor. Double the length from the top of the assembly to the floor and add in the distance along the top of the rod. Add at least 6 inches to that number to give you room to work.

    how to fix curtain rail

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