how to fix a shower curtain

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  • How do you fix a shower curtain that sticks to the tub?

  • Wet the shower curtain liner so it sticks against the tub. This is a quick and easy fix that works on most shower curtains. Before you shower, turn the shower head to the side of the tub to spray water along the shower curtain, dampening it so it sticks against the tub.

  • How to clean dirty shower curtains?

  • For mildly dirty shower curtains, you do not need anything other than baking soda and detergent. However, if there is a lot of mildew and other stains on your curtain, add bleach. After adding your baking soda and detergent, turn the machine on. Pour in half a cup of bleach as the washer fills with water.

  • Do you have to wet the bottom of the shower curtain?

  • It only necessary to wet the bottom portion of the shower curtain, and be careful not to spray water outside of the tub. You can also wet the shower curtain by filling a cup with water and pouring it on the bottom of the shower curtain instead.

  • Why won’t the tension rod on my shower curtain rod tighten?

  • If the walls on either side of the shower are drywall, you may not be able to tighten the tension rod enough without cracking the walls. Closet pole holders will keep the rod from falling.

    how to fix a shower curtain

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