how to fix a curtain pulley system

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  • How do you fix a broken curtain rod pulley?

  • How to Fix a Curtain’s Pulley System. First, measure the entire length of the curtain rod across the top of the window, then the distance from the rod to the floor. Double the length from the top of the assembly to the floor and add in the distance along the top of the rod. Add at least 6 inches to that number to give you room to work.

  • Can you use a pulley to open curtains?

  • However, a hand-draw system for opening and closing might not be suitable for large curtains as the weight of the curtains, or their length, might be cumbersome for a homeowner who prefers the wood rod with rings look. A pulley system transforms any hand-draw wood rod and ring system to a cord-operated system.

  • How do you adjust the tension on a curtain pulley system?

  • Pull the knotted cord from behind the overlap master slide (center part of the curtain rod that slides back and forth and makes the curtains slightly overlap) and re-knot it at the appropriate length. This allows you to adjust the tension of the pulley system cord.

  • Why do my curtain pulleys keep breaking?

  • One reason that pulleys wear out or break is that the drapes may be too heavy for the rod. A lightweight rod is fine for sheer or lightweight curtains, but for lined drapes, insulating drapes or extra wide window treatments, you may need to invest in heavy-duty traverse rods.

    how to fix a curtain pulley system

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