how to fit curtain hooks

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Push the hooks into each curtain seam. Take the hook and insert the sharp side into the seam of the curtain. Push the hook up into the seam to make sure it is fully inserted. Then continue the process and insert a hook into every seam. To make sure the hook is snugly in place,you can use a ruler or other hard object to push them up further.

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  • How do you use curtain hooks on curtains?

  • Using the curtain hooks included in your lining kit, insert them into the lining tape pockets and then into the bottom pockets of the curtain tape. Pull each curtain hook so the downward arm of the hook lies over the face side of the lining.

  • How to hang and put hooks into pinch Pleat curtains (Cont橠)?

  • ? Once you are happy with the position of the curtain hooks take the curtain down and insert the rest of the curtain hooks at the same distance from the top of the curtains. There will now be a hook at each pleat. How To Hang and Put Hooks Into Pinch Pleat Curtains (cont檇)

  • How do you hang tiebacks on curtains?

  • Install two 3鈦? inch (19 mm) cup hooks to hold your curtain tiebacks. You will need one hook for each side of your curtains. These hooks usually screw into the wall easily. Simple hooks usually cost around $0.50 and can be purchased at any hardware store. For heavy tiebacks or tassels with 2 loops, you may need a larger hook.

  • Are plastic curtain hooks any good?

  • Most of the plastic curtain hooks are the type that snaps together in large rings. Plastic rings are good for light to medium weight curtains but not suitable for heavy draperies. They檙e not the best choice for windows that get sunlight.

    how to fit curtain hooks

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