how to drop curtains

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  • Are DIY drop cloth curtains easy to make?

  • Now if you aren already familiar with DIY drop cloth curtains let me just say how insanely easy they are. I mean, there is no sewing, no cutting, no measuring. Nothing. This is literally a two-step process that anyone can do. Plus they are completely customizable to work with just about any window.

  • How do you hang drop cloths on curtain rods?

  • This is when you檒l want to grab those drapery clips 揼o ahead and put them on your curtain rod so they檙e all ready to go. Now there are two ways you can hang the drop cloths: 1) with the top folded over 2) hanging straight.

  • What is the best way to put up a curtain?

  • I suggest doing the sides of the curtain first. I always start with one side, get it the height I want, then bring the other side over and match the length up so they檙e nice and even even. Once that is done just start clipping the rest of the curtain in place, spacing the drapery clips even distances apart.

  • Can You trim and hem drop cloth curtains?

  • We can (and likely will) trim and hem them to the exact size we want. Before you start making your curtains out of your drop cloth, you need to soften, wash and dry them so they don shrink up after you檝e made them the right size. Follow the steps above in my 淒rop Cloth Maintenance?section to do this.

    how to drop curtains

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