how to drill curtain brackets into wall

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Center the point of the drill on one of the pencil marks you traced inside of the bracket screw holes. Don press too hard; just let it touch the wall. 8. Turn the drill on and press gently until it breaks into the drywall and then through it. Pull the drill back so that the bit comes out of the wall and turn it off.

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  • How do you drill holes for curtain rod brackets?

  • Use the machined holes in the bracket as guides and mark the locations were holes will be drilled with a felt-tip marker. Repeat this step to mark the locations for holes where a bracket attaches at the opposite end of the curtain rod.

  • How do you hang curtains without drilling into the wall?

  • Curtains ?Ideally, you want ones that are hung via rod pocket, back-tabs, or rings. In an effort not to drill into the wall to hang a curtain rod, my next best option was to use Command Hooks. But not every Command Hook is created equal.

  • How to install curtain brackets on concrete?

  • These screws are designed to anchor into concrete and hold the curtain brackets in place. The process requires that you use the right drill bit size and make the holes deep enough so that the anchors and screws go in all the way and safely secure the rod bracket to the concrete.

  • How do you attach curtain rods to drywall studs?

  • Turn the drill on and gently press the screw into the drywall anchor. Do not tighten the screws all the way until you use a carpenter level to make sure that the bracket is hanging straight. Repeat for the other bracket. Use wood screws to attach curtain rod brackets to a wall stud.

    how to drill curtain brackets into wall

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