how to dress up a window without curtains

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  • How do you dress a bedroom window in a modern way?

  • Use blinds and curtains Printed Roman blinds layered with plain curtains are an elegant way to dress a bedroom window. Go for a bold pattern that coordinates with your room scheme and choose a complementary plain fabric for the curtains. Combine with pretty tie backs for added detail to your window dressing.

  • How to cover Windows without curtains?

  • How to Cover Windows Without Curtains Method 1 of 4: Household Objects. Place a sign or screen in front of the window for a temporary option. One of the… Method 2 of 4: Coverings. Attach faux stained glass to your windows for a colorful look. If you檇 like to cover your… Method 3 of 4: Blinds …

  • What can I do instead of curtains or blinds?

  • But while curtains and blinds are both great, there a whole world of options out there. Here are 10 creative ideas for dressing your windows that are anything but ordinary. 1. Lacy Patches: Colorful and feminine, this would be pretty easy to make with thrift store lace doilies and some dye. (via Hupsistarallaa)

  • How do you make curtains look good with curtains?

  • Position curtains wide enough apart so they don obscure any of the window to maximise the daylight coming in. Also key is using enough fabric so the curtains hang voluptuously with plenty of folds whether open or closed. Combining a mix of fabrics in a room can add a playful touch.

    how to dress up a window without curtains

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