how to double layer curtains

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  • Can you make double layers of folding curtains?

  • Goodday ladies, another Monday has rolled around and I thought it was about time I showed you how I made my double layered folding curtains (otherwise known as roman blinds). Because basically that is what I have done. I have created two layers of folding blinds. And the big trick is that both sets of blinds are mounted on the same hardware.

  • How do you Mount double layer curtains on a curtain rod?

  • Mount the curtains on the rod by sliding the rod through the pocket along the upper edge of each double-layer curtain panel. If you’ll be picking up and putting down the fabric as you work on the project, consider basting the seams and hems (sewing a long running stitch in double thread) after pinning them.

  • Can you put two curtains over each other?

  • Layering Curtains with Sheers For a traditional layered look, you can simply go with one set of curtains over another. Typically, the back layer will be a light filtering, lightweight sheer, bringing natural light into the space when the front set of curtains is pulled back. For many spaces, two sets of curtains will be a great look.

  • What are the pros and cons of double layer curtains?

  • Double layer curtains offer more visual interest than regular curtains, and they don’t take much more effort to construct because the second layer takes the place of a lining.

    how to double layer curtains

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