how to double hang curtains

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  • How do you hang two curtains at the same time?

  • These kits come with 2 curtain rods and curtain rod holders with brackets to hang the second curtain. A double curtain rod will allow the curtains and voile to hang at the same length without having to measure multiple holders. Choose decorative rods if you want the rods to add flair to the overall window treatment.

  • How to hang drapes with curtain rings?

  • Curtain rings are another popular choice for hanging drapes. Using small hooks, you can attach your curtains to those rings before slipping them onto the rod. Curtain rings are a durable and practical solution as they allow the drapes to be easily removed and replaced.

  • How to hang drapes for multiple side by side windows?

  • How to Hang Drapes for Multiple Side by Side Windows 1 Single Rod. If you are looking for window coverings that will close completely so as to provide privacy and block the sun completely, a single rod window covering is a … 2 Ceiling Mount. … 3 Partial Rod. … 4 Installing. …

  • How to hang curtains with the voile?

  • Place the last hook below and to the left of the first right hook. These two hooks will be used to hang the curtain with the voile. Hang the rods on the hooks you attached to the wall. Thread the curtains and voile through the curtain rods. Place the rod with the voile on the bottom two hooks and the rod with the curtains on the top two hooks.

    how to double hang curtains

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