how to do tie up curtains

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Fold the shades up from the bottom to raise them. Grasp the ties hanging down from the shades. Tie the two ties on the left side of the shade together in a standard bow. Tie the two ties on the right side of the shade together in a standard bow using the same technique you used on the left side. Likewise, how do curtainties work?

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  • How do you tie a bunched curtain together?

  • Hold the middle portion of the curtain with 1 hand, then use your opposite hand to hold the outer edge of the curtain fabric. Wrap this thin portion of fabric behind the rest of the bunched fabric, then loop it back around the front.

  • What can I use to tie back curtains?

  • Use bits of holiday or seasonal fabric, decorative scarves or runners, or festive ribbons to tie back your curtains. Change them out every season or for each holiday. Let’s say you have a pair of white panels in your living room window. For Christmas, you might use a red velvet ribbon as a tieback.

  • How do you Hem curtains?

  • First thing I did was hem the 2 sides and bottom of both of my curtains. I fold the fabric up by about 1/2?twice, so that the raw edge is tucked inside the fold and pin it in place. Before I sew the hem, I iron along the fold. This makes a huge difference. It makes it easier to sew and just looks better on the finished product.

  • How do you attach a tension rod to a curtain rod?

  • Sew the folded sides together. I left a 1 1/2 inch gap at the top for the rod. Sew across the width of the material to create a loop for the tension rod to slide through where you marked for the tension rod at the top. Here is how the tension rod looks inserted once you are ready to hang the shades up.

    how to do tie up curtains

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