how to do sheer and blackout curtains

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The best way to layer sheer and blackout curtains are by placing the blackout curtains over the sheer curtainsor by placing sheer curtains over the blackout curtains. The pole must be longer than the window by 10 inches and the height of the pole should be 8 ?12 inches above the window frame.

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  • How to plan sheer and blackout curtains for layering?

  • Before ordering sheer and blackout curtains for layering, you will need to plan the curtain length. The total length of the curtain is known as the ‘drop’. The drop is the length of the curtain from the curtain tracks at the top to the floor.

  • How do you make blackout curtains fold over themselves?

  • Multiply your frame width by 2.5. To make the blackout curtains more effective, and create a more attractive look, you will want your curtains to have plenty of depth. In order to have enough material for the curtains to fold over themselves several times, they should be at least 2.5 times as wide as your frame.

  • Do black curtains make a room darker?

  • If you just want to make a room slightly darker, however, you may prefer to use a lower percentage. Choose blackout curtains in a dark color. Even light-colored curtains that are labeled as 100% blackout will not block light as well as dark-colored ones. Black curtains, or dark blue, grey, or brown, are ideal.

  • Do Blackout curtains block out light?

  • Blackout curtains can be very useful for blocking out light when you are trying to sleep, especially for young children or shift workers who sleep during the day. Many major home decor suppliers carry blackout curtains, or you can make your own with blackout fabric and a little sewing skill.

    how to do sheer and blackout curtains

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