how to do fake curtain bangs with a straightener

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  • How to make curtain Bangs?

  • Here are the instructions: 1 Start with towel-dried hair. 2 Apply a small amount of hair gel into the roots and lengths. 3 Sweep the front section of your hair forward and part it down the middle. 4 Blow dry this parting to create a gentle C curve to create the curtain bangs effect. More items…

  • How do you Fake bangs with curly and coiled hair?

  • With curly and coiled hair, it’s less about using texture to create an illusion and all about manipulating your length to fake bangs. 淭he base of your curls will lift up higher, so the lengths will spring up on your forehead, making the sides appear longer by your cheeks,?says Abramite.

  • What is the best hair product for curtain Bangs?

  • A flat iron is great for smoothing hair, but Haley also finds it helpful for creating soft waves in her curtain bangs. Kenra Platinum Dry Texture Spray Credit: amazon

  • How do you smooth Bangs?

  • Section out the hair belonging to your bangs Spritz with heat protectant and brush through to smooth the hair and distribute the product evenly Take your Velcro roller and (with your hair over-directed some) place the roller under your hair. Slide it to the end tucking the ends in and roll down

    how to do fake curtain bangs with a straightener

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