how to cut fabric straight for curtains

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How to Cut Curtain Material StraightPrewashing the Fabric. Most fabrics shrink at least a little bit when washed. …Preparing the Fabric. After washing and drying,pull and stretch the fabric from the corners with your hands to help even up the warp and weft threads and restore them …Squaring the Fabric. …Cutting the Curtain. …

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  • How do you cut a curtain step by step?

  • Cutting the Curtain. Use the square as before to make a straight cut across the fabric at that mark. If the square is not long enough to go all the way across the fabric in one go, use a yardstick, placed flush against the leg of the square, to extend the straight line beyond its length.

  • How do you straighten curtains that won’t hang straight?

  • Curtains and drapes will not hang straight if you don’t cut the fabric straight. Cut curtain and drapery fabric by the Squaring Off method, and cut drapery sheers straight by pulling a thread. Cut the selvedge edges off. Lay the fabric flat, right side up, on a large cutting surface. Position the cut edges to your left and right.

  • Do Curtains need to be cut straight?

  • Saving money is one reason for choosing to make curtains yourself, but if you don’t get the fabric straight and end up with unattractive, crooked curtains, it’s no bargain. Luckily, though many a novice seamster may not know it, fabric is relatively easy to cut straight once you know the trick of properly squaring it.

  • How to make curtains out of plain fabric?

  • So first, take note of what the pattern looks like along the top cut edge of your fabric. Now, as with plain fabric, measure down the side of your fabric. When you reach the finished length you require for your curtains, put a pin at the edge. Now add another 8 inches (20 cms) and put another pin at the edge.

    how to cut fabric straight for curtains

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