how to color curtains

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Fill a large tub with hot water. As a general rule,you should use 3 gallons (12 L) of water for every 1 lb (450 g) of fabric.Prepare the dye. There are differences between liquid and powder dyes,and there may even be further differences between dye brands.Mix in the dye. Dump your prepared dye into the filled basin or filled washing machine (whichever you decided to use).Soak the curtains. If the curtains are dry or cool to the touch,quickly soak them in a sink or separate tub filled with clean hot water.Place the curtains in the dye bath. Place the curtains in the dye bath,submerging them completely beneath the water’s surface.

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  • How to choose the color of the curtain?

  • How to Choose Curtain Colors 1 60-30-10. In a three-color room scheme, 60 percent of the surfaces reflect the main color. … 2 Contrast. If you want your window coverings to be noticed before the rest of the room, choose a color in high contrast to the adjacent walls. 3 Focal Point. Every room needs a focal point. … 4 Classic or Trendy. …

  • Can You dye curtains that are too dark?

  • A dark fabric cannot be dyed a lighter color. You might be able to dye a colored fabric if your dye is a darker hue, but the results will be a blend of the dye and the color already on your curtains. Since the results can be unpredictable, completely removing the original color is a safer approach.

  • Should curtains be lighter or darker than walls?

  • As long as the color in the pattern is no more than two shades lighter or darker than the wall color, the eye sees it as a repeated color. For a classic look with solid-colored curtains, choose curtain fabric in the same color family as your wall color, but opt for a darker or lighter version.

  • How do you dye a curtain panel?

  • The dye will take best to a wet curtain. Spray down the area you are going to dye with a hose. This is where you can really customize the end result. You could dye the entire panel and completely change the look. Or, you could choose to dip-dye the curtain, making only the bottom quarter or half a new color.

    how to color curtains

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