how to clean rusty shower curtain hooks

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You can also use thealuminum foil and vinegarmethod to clean rusty metal shower curtain hooks. You might as well clean them up while you are cleaning your shower curtain rod. If you apply a coating of car wax to your shower curtain hooks this will also keep them from getting rusty.

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  • How to remove rust from shower curtain hooks?

  • Depending on how bad the rust is, leave the hooks in the rust remover for at least 3 minutes. If there is still rust present when you remove them, let them soak a little longer. Dry the shower curtain hooks on paper towels. If the hooks have any hollow sections, make sure that the remover is dried out of them. If necessary, use cotton buds.

  • How to clean a rusty shower rod?

  • Rinse the rod with clean water then pat it dry. The carbonic acid in the cola breaks down the iron oxide (rust) to remove it from the chrome or other metal. Make a paste with a cleaning agent such as Bar Keeper Friend and water then use it to scrub the rusty shower rod. Rinse it afterwards.

  • How to remove rust from curtain rods?

  • When the curtain rod is all clean and dry after scrubbing it with the aluminum foil and vinegar, apply a coating of car wax to the curtain rod. This will keep rust from building up on it in the future.

  • What is the best shower curtain rod for rust protection?

  • The BRIOFOX Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Rods are the very best when it comes to resisting rust in the shower. The manufacturer guarantees at least 5 years of non-corrosion which is longer than most other rods will manage in the wet conditions of the shower.

    how to clean rusty shower curtain hooks

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