how to clean curtain pull cords

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For daily cleaning of these flakes,spray the surface with water or polish,then dry with a dry cloth,or wipe with a soft bristle brushif you encounter tough stains or pull cords for initial cleaning. If the curtain is dirty,you can wash it with a cloth dipped in warm water,or wipe it with a little ammonia solution.

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  • Can you over lubricate a corded curtain pole?

  • However, over lubricating corded poles can create slip in the cords and actually be detrimental rather than beneficial to corded curtain poles. If treated and maintained properly you are unlikely to need carry out any repairs or replace broken parts on your curtain pole.

  • Can You rethread a curtain pull cord?

  • These highly functional rods allow the easy opening and closing of large curtains or the operation of curtains into not easily accessible spaces, such as behind a sofa. You can rethread a curtain pull cord and be assured of a successful outcome if you take a bit of time and follow drapery installers’ cord-threading tips, according to Zebra Blinds.

  • How do you replace the cord on a curtain rod?

  • Remove the old cord and cut a new cord the same length plus 8 inches. If your cord is missing, the length of cord you need is equal to twice the width of the curtain rod and twice the length of the draw cord, which is the long loop that hangs down the side of the drapes, plus 8 inches.

  • How do I clean the inside of my cord?

  • In the morning, carefully remove the bag and wipe down your cord with a tissue. The difference in the photos is remarkable. It’s probably best to go with Ariar’s trick of using a liquid detergent like Tide Vivid White, which does not contain any chlorine bleach.

    how to clean curtain pull cords

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