how to buy fabric for curtains

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  • What size fabric should I use to make curtains?

  • To make things easier, try to pick a fabric with a width close to the final panel width of your curtains. It’s perfectly fine to use a fabric with a width a few inches longer than the final width, but definitely don’t pick one that’s shorter.

  • What are the best curtains for a kitchen?

  • For example, polyester curtains work well in bedrooms, but don work for kitchens because the material is flammable and absorbs odors. Linen, on the other hand, is a great fabric for kitchen curtains. Learn more about fabrics in our guide on Curtain Fabrics. Curtain rods are the key to a beautiful window treatment.

  • Are curtains easy for beginners to sew?

  • Meanwhile, curtains are relatively easy for a beginner to sew. With thousands of different fabrics to choose from, you may want to make your own custom curtains rather than pay a premium price for ones that don’t perfectly match your decor. Of course, the first step in any sewing project is knowing how much fabric you need to buy.

  • How do you calculate curtain fabric for a window?

  • Measure the length and width of the window, making sure to allow for an overhang to cover the wall edge. Multiply this by the number of panels needed. Allow extra inches for seam allowances, hems, headers, and pleats. An easy way to calculate the amount of fabric needed is by using a curtain fabric calculator.

    how to buy fabric for curtains

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