how to block sun without curtains

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Layer drapes

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  • How to block light from Windows without curtains?

  • How To Block Light From Windows Without Curtains. 1 Add Window Tint Film. One solution is to apply a tint film to the inside of the windows. The tint film allows light to pass through but prevents glare … 2 Install an Awning. 3 Use Blackout Liners. 4 Cover the Windows with Cardboard. 5 Hang Cordless Blackout Shades. More items

  • How can I block out the Sun from my windows?

  • Get window screens to partially block the sun. Because they have holes in them, window screens won be able to completely block out the sun. However, they can significantly reduce the amount of light that shines through your windows.

  • Why are my curtains not blocking out all sunlight?

  • If your curtains are abnormally wide, or weidly shaped, they might not fit the window trim properly to be able to block out all sunlight. Apart from this being the main reason, there are still other reasons why light can shine around the edges of your curtains that have to do with the set up of your curtains.

  • How do you keep curtains from blowing in the Sun?

  • Spread your curtains out the length of the window to block more sun from shining through, or push them back a bit to let a little light in. Adhere Velcro strips to the inside edges of your curtains to keep the curtains closed in the middle.

    how to block sun without curtains

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