how to attach curtains to ceiling

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  • How to install curtains with hooks in ceiling?

  • After placing the hook in the ceiling, you can start installing the rod and curtain. You can put the rod on the hook and make sure it is in the right position. After that, release it and start the curtain installation process.

  • Why should you hang curtains on the ceiling?

  • Using the ceiling also makes it easy to divide rooms or create little nooks in your home. A simple way to install curtains is to use brackets and a rod, much like you would when you hang curtains on the wall. You can also use a track system with loops along with a curtain that has small hooks, which works especially well for a wide curtain.

  • Can you put curtains on a ceiling mounted curtain track?

  • These rich blue curtains on a ceiling mounted double curtain track add a block of colour across the whole window. Top-fix curtain tracks work particularly well in rooms with large windows. If you have a recess above, like the one here, so much the better, as it means your track can be tucked out of sight for a neat finish.

  • How can I Make my curtains look taller?

  • Systems that fix to ceilings instead can make a huge difference to how curtains look, adding a sense of height and drama. Discreet top fix curtain tracks are also a practical solution if, for example, there little or no wall space above a window. Check out these rooms that have all been elevated by a ceiling-mounted curtain track.

    how to attach curtains to ceiling

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