how to attach curtain rail to wall

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Saw the rail to size Saw the curtainrailto the right size with the flat side facing upwards. Gap between the railand the wallFit the rail so the curtain hangs freely, with a gap of 7 cm between the curtain and the wall. If you use a double rail, for example for extra outer curtains, then add another 5 cm on top of the 7 cm.

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  • How do you hang curtains without drilling into the wall?

  • Curtains ?Ideally, you want ones that are hung via rod pocket, back-tabs, or rings. In an effort not to drill into the wall to hang a curtain rod, my next best option was to use Command Hooks. But not every Command Hook is created equal.

  • How do you mount a curtain rod to the wall?

  • Measure the distance between the mounting brackets on the curtain rod you’re installing and make another mark on the wall that distance from the first one. Make sure it’s the same height above the floor. Hold one of the mounting brackets against the wall on the first mark and mark the positions of the screw holes.

  • How to fit metal curtain track in wall?

  • Normally pipes and cables run vertically down the wall to their outlet point. Drill the holes where you have marked the wall using a masonry drill bit. Push the rawl plugs into the holes until they are flush with the wall and then screw the brackets into position. How To Fit Metal Curtain Track in Easy Steps Back to top

  • Can you USE command hooks to hang curtain rods?

  • One of the biggest challenges in using Command Hooks to hang a curtain rod is that the rod ends up significantly closer to the wall than when hung with standard brackets (which usually hold a rod out from the wall a good 4-6?. Below is a picture of the underside of the rod.

    how to attach curtain rail to wall

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