how to attach a curtain rod to a metal door

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Use awelderto attach a steel curtain rod to a steel door or welding epoxy to adhere any two metals together. Welding is permanent, so use plain or simple window-treatment hardware that will not soon go out of style.

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  • How do you hang a curtain rod on a metal door?

  • Install the curtain rod hardware on the opposite side of the board. Position the board on the door, add the curtain to the rod, and hang the rod on the brackets to complete the project. Rare-earth magnets and Forstner bits can be purchased online.

  • What kind of Screws do you use to hang a curtain rod?

  • There are many metal screws to choose from such as: Pan Head screws (rounded head), Countersunk Head screws (heads that sit flush) or Hexagon Head screws, great for connecting metal to metal. Forget the curtain rod for a moment and take the screws and drill them partially into the metal walls.

  • How do you secure curtains to a magnetic door?

  • Magnetic rods leave no permanent marks on the door, they hold the curtains securely, and they make it a snap to remove the curtains for laundering. Decide if you want the curtains to be on a rod at the top only, or if you prefer them to be secured at the top and bottom with sash rods.

  • What size curtain rod do I need for a steel door?

  • Magnetic curtain rods are adjustable for length, so if your steel door window measures 20 inches, for example, use a magnetic curtain rod that expands at least 24 inches or more. Place the hanging brackets that come with the magnetic curtain rod set above the window on each side.

    how to attach a curtain rod to a metal door

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