how to arrange window curtains

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By far,the most popular way to arrange curtains and sheers together is to have thesheers layered beneath the curtains. To do this,you will need two curtain poles,one of which should be fitted slightly closer to the wall or window frame than the other. The sheers can be hung on the closer pole and the curtains on the outer curtain pole.

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  • How do you drape a window with a curtain rod?

  • Align the center point with the center front of the rod. This allows for equal lengths on either side of the window. Arrange the fabric on the right side to loop behind the end of the rod. Allow the remainder to drape down the side of the window.

  • How to hang curtains for 3 side by side windows?

  • How to Hang Curtains for 3 Side-By-Side Windows. 1 Fill Out the Edges. You can fill out the edges of large windows with a standard set of curtains. Use two different panels for both ends. Hang standard … 2 More than One Lightweight Panels. 3 Use Sheer Curtains. 4 Go for Window Scarves. 5 Get Mixed Colors and Fabric. More items

  • Where do drapes go on a window?

  • They flank the sides of windows and hang from curtain rods mounted above the window frame. They can be pulled wide open to let light in or drawn shut to block light out completely. Tip! Need to know the difference between curtains and drapes?

  • How do you hang curtain brackets on a window frame?

  • How to Hang Curtain Brackets. From there, use a pencil and tape measure to mark curtain bracket placements six inches from the outside edge of the window frame to allow plenty of natural light. Use a screwdriver to install curtain brackets; make sure the sides are even using a level. Place curtains on the rod, then hang curtains.

    how to arrange window curtains

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