how much would curtain bangs cost

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  • What are curtain Bangs?

  • Getting curtain bangs is a simple way to instantly update your hairstyle. They will flatter any face shape and work with any hair type. There are so many ways to wear these face framing bangs!

  • Do curtain Bangs make your hair thicker?

  • If you have fine hair, the main issue you may run into is your bangs looking thin and sparse, according to Pelfrey. In this case, it’s important that enough hair is brought forward for the cut. If the cut is done well curtain bangs can give an illusion of thicker hair and add volume, she says.

  • Are curtain Bangs bad for your face?

  • People with smallish foreheads may find that curtain bangs make their faces look too small. And, if you have an uncontrollable cowlick, it is often best to avoid bangs completely. Other than this very short list of caveats, most people can rock the curtain bang.

  • What face shapes look best with curtain Bangs?

  • While everyone will look good with curtain bangs, square face shapes benefit most from the trend. Because square face shapes tend to have strong jawlines, the curtain bangs balance out these angles best when they’re cut high and tight.

    how much would curtain bangs cost

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