how much weight can curtain rods hold

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20 pounds

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  • How much weight can a 5? curtain rod hold?

  • A 5??regular curtain rod can totally hold 51 pounds as maximum while the fluted version can hold 8.5 pounds. Choosing the best curtain rods for heavy curtains is quite tricky.

  • Will a larger rod make my curtain rod stronger?

  • A larger rod does not mean it will be stronger; it is the thickness of the rod and the weight of the curtain that determines whether the rod will bend or not. Inserting a rod inside will increase the strength of the round rod and is a fix that can be used after the chosen rod is mounted if the weight of the drapes causes the rod to bow.

  • How do you hang curtains on a rod with brackets?

  • This holds the bracket in place while you insert the screws. Insert the screws into the anchors through the screw holes in the brackets and attach the rod to the bracket, per the manufacturer instructions. Hang the curtains on the rod.

  • How high should a curtain rod be placed above a window?

  • The height will depend on the room they are used in. The rod should be placed four inches above the window frame. What accessories are standard when purchasing curtain rods? The rod is pretty much the only standard item. Where can I buy wooden curtain rod brackets online?

    how much weight can curtain rods hold

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