how much fabric for eyelet curtains

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  • What size fabric should I use to make curtains?

  • To make things easier, try to pick a fabric with a width close to the final panel width of your curtains. It’s perfectly fine to use a fabric with a width a few inches longer than the final width, but definitely don’t pick one that’s shorter.

  • How do you measure the width of eyelet curtains?

  • To get the width of your eyelet curtains measure along the pole. Keep in mind that you have to factor in any drop in the eyelet inner edge or if you don your curtains may be short. For length don forget to measure above the rod the same amount of inches that the curtain extends above the eyelets.

  • How much fabric do I need for a triple Pleat curtain?

  • The good news here is that a triple pleat curtain doesn’t need more fabric than a double pleat curtain. The fullness ration is just a little bit larger and instead of multiplying by 2.25 you are multiplying by 2.50 The rest of the calculations remain the same and you should have the total amount of fabric in no time.

  • What size curtain do I need for a track?

  • Curtain fabrics are 137 cm wide as standard. Some come wider, some narrower, so it’s worth checking your fabric, but the average is 137 cm so we’ll go with this. The 137 cm is obviously not going to be enough for my track, so I will need to join the fabric together to make it wide enough. But how many widths do I need?

    how much fabric for eyelet curtains

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