how much extra length for curtains to puddle

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6-16 inches

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  • How long should my curtains be to get a puddle look?

  • To get the puddled look, you can add 1/2??18?to your fabric length. Choose from a puddling style below to determine exactly how long to go. We recommend choosing a pinch pleat style. Grommet and rod pocket drapes won fold quite as well to get a good puddled look. Shop custom curtains available with these options at

  • How long is a puddle of drapes?

  • Truly puddled drapes have a bit more length than a break. Lengths can vary from 2-16 extra inches, but the styles below come from how you train and arrange the drapes. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

  • How do you train drapes for Puddle curtains?

  • For most puddled styles, you檒l want to start by steaming/ironing and training your drapes. This process helps the folds in the curtains hang they way they檙e supposed to and all you need is some string! Learn how to train your drapes.

  • What does puddle puddling mean in curtains?

  • These terms refer to the amount of extra drapery length that is spilled or uddled?onto the floor. Puddling adds opulence and style to your drapes. No Puddle Puddling is not recommended for panels that will be opened and closed as the bottoms of the draperies will get dirty quickly. 1/2 off of the floor is standard.

    how much extra length for curtains to puddle

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