how much does dry cleaning curtains cost

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Cost of Dry Cleaning Curtains In general,the cost to dry clean curtains ranges from$60 to $150 per set,depending mostly on the curtain type,material,and level of cleaning.

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  • How much does it cost to clean curtains?

  • And remember, a pickup and drop-off service is recommended. Or talk to us because the best service for cleaning curtains is one that comes right to your home! On average, cleaning curtains through a dry cleaner will cost 4.85 per square metre for unlined curtains. But costs go up for unlined curtains made of heavier or pleated fabrics.

  • Why do dry cleaners charge different prices for different curtains?

  • Dry cleaners vary a lot in quality and price, especially when it comes to curtains. Just some of the factors that can influence the cost of dry cleaning your curtains are: While some dry cleaners will charge you based on how much your curtains weigh, others calculate their prices based on the square meterage.

  • How often should curtains be dry cleaned?

  • If you need to keep your house clean for medical reasons, then dry cleaning your curtains every 4/6 months will do the world of good. If you tip something over your curtains you should clean them as soon as possible. Every 2 years or so will do the trick if you don want to clean your curtains too often. What Curtains Must Be Dry Cleaned?

  • How much does it cost to dry clean clothes?

  • The next time you purchase anything fabric related, look for a tag that doesn require dry cleaning. Consider dry cleaning some items at home with an at-home dry cleaning kit. These kits, depending on the brand and inclusions, can cost as little as $10 to $25.

    how much does dry cleaning curtains cost

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