how much are window curtains

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WindowTreatment Costs at a Glance Average curtains cost: $7-$50 per panel Linen or silk curtains: $20-$150 per panel Custom or designer curtains: $1,500+per panel

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  • How much do curtains cost to install?

  • On average, curtains cost $370 per set installed or $2,950 for a house with eight windows. The panel sets are $20 to $300 each and rods range from $10 to $350.

  • How much fabric do I need to cover a window curtain?

  • Using a fabric measuring 60 inches wide means we檒l need more than one width of fabric to cover the window. We calculated curtain fabric to be 240 inches wide. If we divide that by 60, it comes to 4. We need 4 widths of the fabric. Multiplying the drop of 66 inches by 4 widths of fabric gives 264 inches. Converting this to feet is 22 feet.

  • How much do custom drapes cost?

  • Some energy efficient curtains can cost you between $7 and $150 per panel. That is just one price you have to consider. More elegant drapery can cost you upwards of $1,000 to $1,500 per window. To get the low down on what custom drapes will cost you just continue to read our article.

  • How long should curtains be below a window sill?

  • How long should curtains be below window sill? In traditional style, the curtain rod is about 6 inches above the top of the window, and it extends beyond the window 3 inches on each side. The curtain will hang 3 inches below the bottom of the window sill.

    how much are window curtains

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