how much are window curtains

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WindowTreatment Costs at a Glance Average curtains cost: $7-$50 per panel Linen or silk curtains: $20-$150 per panel Custom or designer curtains: $1,500+per panel

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  • How much do curtains cost to install?

  • On average, curtains cost $370 per set installed or $2,950 for a house with eight windows. The panel sets are $20 to $300 each and rods range from $10 to $350.

  • How much do curtains cost at Macy’s?

  • Macy’s [ 3] offers a wide range of fabrics, styles, and prices. Custom-sized (made-to-measure) curtains created to your specifications from a retail or designer window treatment retailer cost $250-$1500 per panel.

  • How much do opaque curtains cost?

  • Opaque curtains can cost an average of $75 to $225 per window when you choose a ready-made option. When choosing custom-designed opaque curtains, the average price goes up to about $60 to $350 per window. Opaque curtains may also be referred to as room-darkening shades, as much of the light will be filtered out when the curtains are closed.

  • How much do sheer curtains cost?

  • Sheers are ultra-thin translucent curtain panels that filter sunlight and provide minimal privacy, and are often used with thicker curtains to create a multi-layered effect. They cost $10-$100 per panel or more, depending on material, size and designer name.

    how much are window curtains

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