how many yards of fabric do you need for curtains

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If it is the width and you have a 96-inch length then you will need a total of7 yardsof fabric. That is if you are just making regular curtains with no pleats. If that is the length of the curtains then with a 40-inch width you will need 6 yards of material to complete your project.

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  • What size fabric do I need for curtains?

  • To gauge the fabric needed for curtains, you need to measure both the height and width of your window. The width measurement should match or be larger than your curtain pole. Extra width allows for a pleating effect.

  • How many feet do you need for a 240 inch curtain?

  • We calculated curtain fabric to be 240 inches wide. If we divide that by 60, it comes to 4. We need 4 widths of the fabric. Multiplying the drop of 66 inches by 4 widths of fabric gives 264 inches. Converting this to feet is 22 feet.

  • Should curtains be longer or shorter than the width?

  • It’s perfectly fine to use a fabric with a width a few inches longer than the final width, but definitely don’t pick one that’s shorter. Account for pattern repeats. If you’re making curtains with multiple panels and your chosen fabric has a pattern, you will want to make sure the pattern lines up perfectly between panels.

  • How do I calculate the size of a curtain?

  • We also have a unit conversion calculator, to make it easier to switch between using inches and centimetres. Simply enter heading type, units, width and drop and we will tell you the curtain size that you need. Calculate now… Simply enter fabric repeat, width and purpose and we’ll let you know how much fabric you need. Calculate now…

    how many yards of fabric do you need for curtains

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