how many yards fabric for curtains

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5 yards

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  • How many yards do I need for a curtain?

  • For example, 66/36 = 2 yards. The width of the curtain normally depends on the thickness of the fabric you choose. If you choose a thick fabric, your curtain width should be 1 times the width of the window. Generally, the fabric is measured two times the width of the window.

  • How much fabric do I need to make a curtain panel?

  • If you want two panels, you must add 1 inch to each panel width to allow for side hems, so you will make two 37-inch-wide panels. Add 6 inches to your finished curtain length; each panel thus needs 90 inches of fabric length, for a total of 180 inches for both panels.

  • How to choose curtain fabric for curtains?

  • Make sure you add 2 or 3 inches to the width of the panels. This is for the hem of the panels (50+2 = 52). If you need two panels of 52 inches each and your fabric is only 38 inches wide, you will have to buy more material to cut and sew to each panel. If your curtain fabric has a repeated design, calculate the distance between the design repeats.

  • How do you calculate fabric size for a curtain rod?

  • Use this formula to calculate the amount of fabric you’ll need so the fabric is wide enough to create each panel: Finished LENGTH + (plus) HEADER (facing) to the bottom of the rod + (plus) 1 (to turn under 1/2 at each END of panel + (plus) HEM (allow 2 to 3 depending on the weight of fabric) = TOTAL.

    how many yards fabric for curtains

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