how many hooks for curtains

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One of the standards used by curtain fitters to fit this type of curtain is to put hooks in the pockets of the tape at about 4 per 30cm (4 per 12?. For the curtain headed up to 125cm this means about16 hooks(there are four 30 in 125cm ?therefore 4 x 4 = 16 hooks) Two curtains would therefore require in the region of a total of 32 rings.

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  • How many rings do you need to hang curtains?

  • Take that measurement and divide it by eight. This is the minimum number of rings you want to use to hang the curtain. You can also take the length measurement and divide it by four to get the maximum number of rings you will need. The general rule is to place a ring every four to eight inches.

  • What are curtain rings and hooks?

  • Curtain rings and hooks are a way to display your curtains on a curtain rod. They have pins, hooks, or clips that attach to the drapery and rings that slide onto the curtain rod.

  • How do you hang curtains with hooks?

  • Hang the curtain panel by fitting the hooks into corresponding tabs of your curtain rings or traverse rod. Also known as slip-on hooks or prong hooks, these devices work with ?pleater tape ?sewn into the heading of the panel.

  • Are plastic curtain hooks any good?

  • Most of the plastic curtain hooks are the type that snaps together in large rings. Plastic rings are good for light to medium weight curtains but not suitable for heavy draperies. They檙e not the best choice for windows that get sunlight.

    how many hooks for curtains

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