how low should a shower curtain hang

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Standard shower curtains have a length measurement of 72 inches,so based on this,you should hang your shower curtain pole at a height ofbetween 73 and 75 inches. This means that the curtain won hang so low that it drags along the floor,but it won hang so high that water escapes into the bathroom when you are using the shower.

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  • How high should you hang a shower curtain?

  • The answer to the question of how high should you hang a shower curtain is dependent on a number of factors. Some people like to see an entire floor length on the rod, while others prefer it in sections that have a distance between each one. Most of the time, this is done with the help of a fabric valance or curtain panel that wraps around the rod.

  • How do you hang a curtain rod on a shower wall?

  • The marks should be in line with the edge of the shower base or tub. Using the marks as your guide, begin to hang the curtain rod. For screw-mounted rods, place the mounting brackets at equal distances from the tub base on either side of the shower walls. The rod should be parallel to the shower base.

  • Where to hang curtains in a bathroom?

  • If you are looking to have a complete set of curtains for the entire bathroom, you can hang the curtain rod up to the middle of the door hangs. You will find it easier to get into the tub and use the shower if there is a gap between the curtain and the walls. There is nothing worse than ending up falling on your rear when stepping on a short rod.

  • How much should a shower curtain overlap a tub?

  • In a shower you generally want the shower curtain to overlap the lip of the shower by at least 1 inch. Minimum overlap in a tub is generally 3 inches (7.6 cm), since tubs are curved and the shower curtain liner usually cannot hang straight down a little extra overlap length is needed.

    how low should a shower curtain hang

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