how long should my curtain rod be

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Three to four inches

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  • How long should curtain rods be for a window?

  • 28?to 48?rods are considered small and often used for small windows, like bathroom windows. Rods over 60?are considered long, and 120?rods are extra long. To stay on the safe sides and to make the window look good, you can deduct 6 inches on both sides from the maximum length of the curtain rods.

  • How do you measure a curtain rod size?

  • Support wikiHow by unlocking this expert answer. First, you should measure your window – you want a rod that can extend by at least 4 inches on each side of the window. The thickness of the rod is determined by how heavy the curtains are and how large the window is.

  • Are curtain rods adjustable?

  • Since standard window sizes cover a wide range, most curtain rods in the market are adjustable. For each curtain rod size, there is a minimum and maximum length. You can read our article on standard window size for a complete guide.

  • How high should a curtain rod be from the ceiling?

  • And if you’re working with higher ceilings, use those to determine your curtain placement: Your curtain rod or hardware should either be at the ceiling, just below your crown molding, or 12 to 24 inches above the window trim, she says. Curtis also recommends taking several measurements from the planned top of your curtain to the floor.

    how long should my curtain rod be

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