how long can a curtain rod be

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The longest curtain rods readily available are120?170?long;however,if you need longer rods,it pretty easy to DIY them. You can make your rods as long as 240?

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  • What is the average size of a curtain rod?

  • Standard curtain rods are 28 to 48 inches, 48 to 84 inches, 66 to 120 inches, and 120 to 170 inches. The average diameter for a curtain rod is 1 to 3 inches. What Is the Average Size of a Curtain Rod? How Do I Measure for Curtain Rods? How long should curtains be? How wide should curtains be? What Is the Average Size of a Curtain Rod?

  • How long should curtain rods be for a sliding glass door?

  • The whole length of a curtain rod for a sliding glass door is the reason why you must also choose the right brackets to support it. Commonly, a bracket is necessary for every 30 up to 36 inches of the curtain pole. In this case, you must also pay attention to the whole length of the rod.

  • What is considered an extra-long curtain rod?

  • Any curtain rod longer than 60 inches is considered an extra-long rod. Due to the extra length, you should consider additional support brackets when installing 66 to 120-inch curtain rods. Depending on the type of curtain, you will likely want a diameter rod of at least one inch.

  • How long should a drapery rod be?

  • First, you need to know that your drapery rod should generally be 10 ?15 inches longer on each side of the window to allow for the fabric to hang on each side. In the two photos below, it appears as if the drapery rod is not much longer than the window (obviously intentional in this case, as a designer decorated these rooms).

    how long can a curtain rod be

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