how long are curtains

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63 inches

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  • What is the standard length of curtains?

  • Usually, curtains are available in the following lengths: 63 inches 84 inches 96 inches

  • How does the size of the room affect curtain length?

  • The size of the room will have a big impact on the curtain length. If the room is very large the door could not close all the way to the floor. The average person has to go up the length of the tub in order to reach the hand dryer, and then a door shuts, cutting you off from your wet clothes.

  • How long should a window sill be for a curtain?

  • A large sill can make your curtain bulge out and look strange when drawn. So a window sill like this may require you to choose a shorter curtain. Default curtain panels are sold at a variety of lengths. Typically they range from 63 to 144 inches long.

  • Are 84 inch curtains too long?

  • Generally, you want to stay away from the 84 inch standard curtains unless you have very low ceilings. They don’t look right in most scenarios and end up being an awkward length, says Curtis.

    how long are curtains

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