how is curtain length measured

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Curtains are measured bylength and width. Length is the distance measured from the rod pocket to the end of the curtain panel. Width measures the side to side of your curtain.

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  • How do you measure for floor length curtains?

  • However, if you would like floor-length curtains, you must measure the distance from the window to the floor. Subtract one inch from this number and add the difference to the finished height. If you are mounting curtains inside the window frame, measure down to inch above the sill. Determine the final width.

  • How long should curtains be?

  • As a near-universal convention, most standard curtain panels are 48 inches wide, so sizes vary mostly in length. The idea is that if you have very wide windows, you should be able to line several curtains together ?so the big challenge is to look for the right length. Usually, curtains are available in the following lengths:

  • How do I know what size curtain rod I Need?

  • This will give you a general sense of the length of the rod you need if you’re keeping it just above the curtains, which is the most common style. For example, say your window’s width was 30 inches (76 cm). Add 6 inches (15 cm) to get the rod size of 36 inches (91 cm).

  • How far above the window should curtains be above?

  • Sill length curtains usually fall .5 inches (1.3 cm) above the windowsill. Below sill length curtains usually fall about 6 inches (15 cm) below the windowsill. Floor length curtains usually fall about .5 inches (1.3 cm) above the floor. Also, account for the placement of the rod.

    how is curtain length measured

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