how high to put shower curtain rod

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75 to 77 inches

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  • What is the standard height of a shower curtain rod?

  • Shower Curtain Rod Height A standard shower curtain is typically 72 inches long, so the curtain rod should be installed around 75 to 77 inches from the floor. This height will keep the shower…

  • Where to place shower curtain in bathroom?

  • So, you place the shower in the inside part of the tub, measure and use the correct sized curtain. 2. Outside Edge of The Tub It is the most popular option as you can hang any beautifully decorative curtain on the rod if you placed it outside edge of the tub.

  • How do you measure for shower curtain rings?

  • Adjust the height of the curtain until its hem is sitting 6 inches below the edge of the tub. Use your pencil to mark the height of the curtain on the wall. Measure the height of the pencil mark and duplicate it on the opposite side of the shower. Slip the shower curtain rings onto the tension rod before installing.

  • How to hang shower curtains without a rod?

  • To hang shower curtains without using a rod you only need an afternoon and a few basic supplies. Measure up from the corners of the bathtub along the side where you want to hang your curtain.

    how high to put shower curtain rod

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