how far to space curtain rings

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The general rule is to place a ring everyfour to eight inches. Well,that’s still pretty vague. If your curtain fabric is heavy you need more rings so measure every 4 inches. If you have light weight curtains,every 8 inches will be sufficient.

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  • How do you space curtain ring clips?

  • Turns out our photography team has a super simple trick for evenly spacing the ring clips, so we thought we檇 share their simple hack! For this easy example, we檙e using nine curtain rings per panel. Grab your curtain panels and ring clips and let get started! Begin by folding the top of your curtain panel in half and then in half again.

  • Are curtain rings spaced correctly?

  • The manner in which curtain rings are spaced can make all the difference to the finished look of curtains and the way that they hang. Accordingly, it is important that this process is carried out correctly. The number of curtain rings that you use is important to ensure that the curtains are spaced properly.

  • How do you measure for even spacing between curtains?

  • Measure for Even Spacing. Lay the curtain panel out on a large flat surface and place curtain rings along the edge so that they look equally spaced. This will provide a good starting point to allow you to measure the distance between each one and ensure that the lengths are uniform, mark the points by fitting curtain hooks.

  • How many curtain rod rings do I need for my curtains?

  • Based on that, you will divide the length of your curtain rod in inches by 3 if you will be using standard drapery panels, or by 4 if you will be using full drapery panels to arrive at the number of curtain rod rings you need. Flat Panel Draperies.

    how far to space curtain rings

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